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publié le 28 Janvier 2013 par Stéphane Vial

1 Mars 2013 / 16:00 - 2 Mars 2013 / 18:00

L'édition 2013 de la conférence Theorizing the Web se tiendra à la City University of New York (CUNY), le vendredi 1er et le samedi 2 mars 2013, organisée par Nathan Jurgenson et PJ Rey. Un programme riche d'environ 40 conférenciers, parmi lesquels Danah Boyd, Lev Manovich, David Lyon et une foule de chercheurs du monde entier, dont un membre de l'OMNSH, Stéphane Vial. Voici le programme.

Vendredi 1er mars 2013

Adresse : James Gallery, 365 Fifth Avenue, NYC @ CUNY's Graduate Center

/// 4:00pm | Doors open

Pick up name badges and print programs. Seating is limited so arrive early.

/// 4:30pm | Opening Plenary

Wall Posts Can't Protect You: Networked Privacy & Social Surveillance in Facebook. Speaker: Alice Marwick (@alicetiara)

/// 5:15pm | Refreshments

/// 6:00pm | Panel Discussion

Theorizing the Web Presents: Free Speech For Whom? Moderator: Jessie Daniels (@JessieNYC). 


danah boyd (@zephoria)
Adrian Chen (@AdrianChen)
Kate Crawford (@katecrawford)
Zeynep Tufekci (@techsoc)

/// 7:30pm | Refreshments

/// 8:00pm | Migrate to nearby bar

Samedi 2 mars 2013

Adresse : The Graduate Center, CUNY, 365 Fifth Avenue, NYC, 10016

/// 10:00am | Doors open

Pick up name badges and print programs. We cannot serve food or drink in the building, so we suggest you grab coffee/tea on your way.

/// 10:30am-10:45am | Opening Remarks

/// 11:00am-12:15pm | Session 1 :

Ctrl+Alt+Del: Control, Resistance, and Refusal | Room A | #a1

Laura Portwood-Stacer @lportwoodstacer How We Talk about Media Refusal: Popular Frames for Understanding Resistance to Social Media Platforms in Everyday Life
Raiford Guins   Beyond Bridges, Speed-Bumps, And Hotel Keys: A New Design Paradigm for Control Technologies
Malcolm Harris @BigMeanInternet Crowd-Sourcing Assassination 2.0
Tom Slee @whimsley From Facebook to Banquets: Identity, Institutions, and Uprisings

The Participatory Culture Industry | Room B | #b1

Andrea Baker @andee A Digital/Physical Day in the Life of A Rock Music Fan: Online and Offline at Concerts
Sam Han @sam__han Digital Fetishism, KPop and Projective Modernity: A Culturalist World-Systems Analysis of MyKoreanBoyfriend.com
Jasmine Salters @blkgirlwithapen Digitally (re)imagining the black female body: Representing race, gender, and class in sensual massage ads
Nicholas Boston   ‘Remember to click “Subscribe” an’ tell yuh friend dem dat Ramchan deh ‘pon YouChoob!’:
    YouTube, Cross-generational Drag and Caribbean Diasporic Technologies of the Self

Memory and the Speed of Data | Room C | #c1

Lev Manovich @manovich Understanding the data stream
Sophia Drakopoulou   The ‘lived now.’ Observing the changes in the spatiotemporal experience of everyday life through the use of ICTs
Caitie Kealy @saltypalms Viral Velocity: States of Interaction in Meme Culture
Piergiorgio Degli Esposti @pgde Death on Facebook. Mourning and memory as a prosumer activity

Art in the Age of Digital Reproduction | Room D | #d1

Andrea Marshall   Star Trek and Subjectivity: Fan Videos as Sexual Textual Critiques
Cameron Paul   Mediating Beyond the Page: Objectivity, Materiality, and Environmental Approaches to Digital Poetics
Faith Holland @asugarhigh Internet as Pussy/Pussy as Internet
Olivia Rosane @orosane The Republic of Tweets

/// 12:30pm-1:45pm | Session 2

You Are What You Post | Room A | #a2

Carolyn Kane   Infrared: The Algorithmic Production of Visual Knowledge
Rotem Rozental @rotroz Framing an Emergency: Photography in Areas of Conflict
Rob Horning @marginalutility Rationalized identity construction, networked subjectivity, and the emerging 'data self'
Dorothy Santos @deedottiedot The Distant Gaze and Contemporary Notions of Perception:
    Re-examining the New Aesthetic Movement through an Analysis of Satellite Technologies in New Media and Digital Arts

The Facebook Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism | Room B | #b2

Andrea Hunter   Monetizing the Mommy: The Commodification of Motherhood in Blogs
Brooke Duffy   Women Making Media: Revisiting Questions of Gender, Labor, and Power in the Digital Age
Jeremy Antley @jsantley Data Serfdom in the Modern Age: Constructing a New Feudal Order
Mohammad Kazeroun @mkazeroun Social Media and Reproduction of Prosumer Identity:
     Re-considering advertising strategies in the age of ubiquitous social media

The New Politics of Participation & Persuasion | Room C | #c2

Danie Kreiss* @kreissdaniel Media Events in a Networked Age: Twitter Publics and Active Spectatorship
David Parry @academicdave When Elections Become Social Engineering Campaigns
Linda Huber @_puellaludens Updating the discourse: practices of political news production and consumption on the Facebook news feed
Mona Kleinberg @MonaBrooklyn US Democracy, Race and Online News

IRL in the URL: Digital Dualism of the "Real" & "Virtual" | Room D | #d2

Tristan Rodman @thetape This is You: Turntable.fm and the Digital/Physical Divide
Stéphane Vial @svial The Phenomenological Structure of the Digital Revolution
Lesley Gourlay @lesleygourlay Critiquing digital dualism in Higher Education: a posthuman / sociomaterial account of student entanglements with technologies
David Banks @da_banks On the Political Origins of Digital Dualism: From Rousseau's Masturbating Habits to The Front Page of the New York Times

/// 1:45pm-3:00pm | Lunch

/// 3:00pm-4:15pm | Session 3

The New Technologies of Surveillance Society | Room A | #a3

Andrew Schrock @aschrock User-Driven Video Surveillance in the Occupy Movement: Capturing Conflict, Claiming Space
Avery Henry   Frustrating the Technostrategic Gaze: Poststructuralist Anarchy as a Response to the Surveillance Society
Karen Levy   The Automation of Compliance: Techno-Legal Regulation in the U.S. Trucking Industry
Tobias Matzner   Online Identity and the Fragmentation of the Internet

Bodies and Bits | Room B | #b3

Christina Dunbar-Hester   'The Internet Is A Series Of (Fallopian) Tubes': "Diversity" Activism in Hacker and Software Projects
Gina Neff @ginasue What We Talk About When We Talk Data: Metrics, Mobilization, and Materiality in Performing Health Online
Jenny Davis @Jup83 Identity Prosumption and the Quantified Self Movement
John Michalczyk   Disability & Technology: Redefining the Stage and the Field

Infostructures of Knowledge | Room | #c3

Bonnie Stewart @bonstewart MOOCs are Not the Enemy: Networked, Non-Imperialist MOOC Models
Daniel Greene @greene_dm 'Do We Have A Sign That Says 'Weirdos Welcome?': Urban Libraries and the Control of Access
R. Stuart Geiger @staeiou Values Where? Interrogating Client-Side Scripting as a Design Process
Shannon Sindorf @shannonsindorf In defense of eavesdropping: Twitter as conversation, not self-indulgence

/// 4:30pm | Keynote

The Emerging Culture of Surveillance: Digital Data, Visibility and the Web. Speaker:David Lyon 

/// 6:00pm | After party

En savoir plus : http://www.theorizingtheweb.org/2013/

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