• Thomas Gaon, David Morin Ulmann

Labyrinthe, adolescence et jeux vidéo

2011, Philosophie, Épistémologie, Psychologie, Psychanalyse


  • Vinciane Zabban

What Keeps Designers and Players Apart? Thinking How an Online Game World is Shared.

2011, Sociologie

AbstractConsidering both play and design as world building activities, this paper offers to think the question of the distribution of...

  • Julien Levesque, Edwige Lelièvre

Creation and communication in virtual worlds, Experimentations with OpenSim

2011, Esthétique, Arts, Design, Information et Communication

Paper published in Laval Virtual VRIC 2011 Proceedings, 2011.

  • Olivier Mauco

The ideology of self in ludic digital worlds

2011, Droit, Économie, Politique

The self in videogames and digital worlds has previously been called a “second self” (Turkle, 1997), since the user creates an ideal...